cenero.one is proficient in:

  • Web-Based Energy Management
  • Digital and Remote Meter Reading
  • Submetering
  • Easy Monitoring
  • ESG Assesment 
  • Sustainability Consulting

cenero.one offers:

  • Smart energy management using cutting-edge hardware and software solutions
  • Sophisticated customized dashboards and analytics
  • Ad hoc visualization of consumptions, emissions and energy expenses
  • Wireless remote meterage reading, made possible by LoRaWAN technology
  • Automated consumption reporting in accordance with currently effective policies (HeizkostenV & FFVAV)

cenero.one currently operates:

  • over 4,000 data monitoring points
  • 2,500 of these are already remotely readable
  • a steadily growing LoRaWAN network over a dynamically expanding area

Load Management

  • Learn from your own consumption behavior!
  • Recognize peak loads before they even occur

Energy Flow and Loss Analysis

  • Transparent tracing of energy flows - from the main meter right through to the end consumer.
  • Submetering makes it possible: automatic balancing of the accumulated submeter readings with the main meter reading to determine any potential energy losses.
  • Particularly suitable for the visualization and analysis of PV tenant power systems!

Power plant surveillance and notification systems

  • Identification of irregularities based on predefined thresholds
  • Automated warning alerts set up according to customer specific parameters
  • Preventive prognosis models
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