Energy monitoring -
live, high-resolution data with an individualized approach. 
For energy professionals, energy strategists and pioneers for a sustainable future. is designed to support you in managing your real estate or your company with greater efficiency, transparency and environmental consciousness.

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With fully digitalized energy monitoring, you get a whole new perspective of your energy data. Thanks to our cloud-based real-time monitoring, you can retrieve your energy consumption and lifecycle analyses around the clock - 24/7.

Sometimes less is simply more - sometimes even SIGNIFICANTLY MORE! 

 This is rarely as true as with the energy consumption of your property. allows you to reduce your energy consumption and CO₂ footprint to a previously unimaginable level. In times of exploding energy tariffs and growing supply shortages, you are not only benefiting your financial status, but also making an important contribution to the sustainable use of our energy resources.

With you are always on track regarding the current ESG regulations and reporting requirements. 

We provide reliable figures and data to quantify your ESG performance. Have any questions relating to ESG governance or sustainability certification and funding processes? Contact us. We will be happy to guide you with advice and support. Establish the foundation for your ESG reporting with today!

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