Spinnerei, Leipzig

Cenero.one is leading the smart meter roll-out on this 90 000 m² site and is substantially enhancing the digitalisation of the premises.

Auf AEG, Nürnberg

On this former industrial site with an area of approx. 160,000 m², cenero.one oversees the energy management. More than 400 remotely readable meters have already been installed and the number is increasing consistently.

Wirkbau, Chemnitz

In the past, machines for the textile industry were manufactured on this 43,000 m² site. Today it is home to a sector-coupled district. cenero.one accompanies the process with the detailed visualizations of energy consumption and losses.

Pösna Park

The heating supply for this shopping centre is monitored by cenero.one. With our innovative software solution, energy discrepancies can be identified effortlessly, and countermeasures can be taken immediately.
Dr. Horst Renner
Environment, Health & Safety Manager - Siemens Energy „Auf AEG“

"The energy monitoring allows us to visualize and analyze our consumption profile as well as recurring load peaks along the manufacturing chains. In addition, we get a detailed insight into the performance of the PV system operated by CENERO. As a result, we always know how much locally generated solar power is flowing into our own supply. An additional benefit is the use of the recorded energy data for the joint on-site load management of Siemens Energy and CENERO. Thanks to cenero.one, we were able to increase our energy self-sufficiency at the Nuremberg site within a few weeks as well as minimize peak loads. Simultaneously, we save energy costs and make an important contribution to climate protection."

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