References provides solutions for asset and property managers in the digitisation, reporting, and billing of complex commercial properties. Insights to reference projects below.

Spinnerei, Leipzig

The Baumwollspinnerei in Leipzig is not only a monument but also a cultural landmark of the city. Established on a 90,000 sqm site in 1878, is actively involved in supporting the Smart Meter rollout and driving the digitisation of the property.

Auf AEG, Nuremberg

On this former factory site, spanning 160,000 sqm, oversees the energy management. Already, over 400 remotely readable measuring devices have been installed, with the number steadily increasing.

Wirkbau, Chemnitz

In the past, knitting machines for the textile industry were produced on this 43,000 sqm site. Today, a sector-coupled district is taking shape here. supports the process through detailed visualisations of power consumption and inefficiencies

Konsumzentrale, Leipzig

In the premises of the former Konsumzentrale in Leipzig, contemporary workspaces are now taking shape, featuring modern working conditions and environments. ensures efficiency and optimises consumption in the evolving property.

Wöhrl-Plaza, Würzburg is overseeing the digitisation of this mixed-use district directly on the banks of the River Main. In addition to over 100 smart electricity, heat, and water meters, we have established an IoT thermal precision profiling and monitor air quality parameters and energy efficiency.
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We assist with visualisation and optimisation...

Dr. Horst Renner 
Manager Environment, Health & Safety Siemens Energy „Auf AEG“
"Energy monitoring allows us to see and understand how we use energy, including the peak load patterns in our production chains. Additionally, it provides detailed insights into the performance of the PV system operated by CENERO. This helps us consistently track the amount of decentralised solar power contributing to our self-sufficiency. Another benefit is the use of energy data for the collaborative load management of Siemens Energy and CENERO on the premises. Thanks to, we've successfully improved our energy self-sufficiency and reduced peak loads at the Nuremberg site within a few weeks. This not only led to lower energy costs but also made a significant contribution to climate mitigation."

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>5.500 Active main meters
>100 Active users in the system
>400 Energy reports daily
>20 Districts in the system
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